Welsh Dairy Show Update – 2021/2022

The Welsh Dairy show has become one of the premier business events for dairy farmers in Wales.  The next Welsh Dairy Show, promoted by the United Counties Agriculture and Hunters Society, is planned to be held on Carmarthen Show Ground on 25th October 2022.

The importance of the Welsh Dairy Show to the dairy business sector in Wales and beyond, is that it allows farmers to meet their suppliers, see pedigree cows judged and meet friends and colleagues.

The Society apologises for the events that have had to be cancelled but all existing bookings for previous cancelled events will be honoured.

To meet the requirements of the Welsh Government, and the combination of the Covid-19 pandemic and TB restrictions on cattle movements, and the fact the Welsh Dairy Show is mainly and in-door event suggests that it is too risky to run the event before we get the full all clear.

In addition, as a philanthropic charitable organisation, The United Counties Agricultural Hunters Society Trustees felt that they had a duty to support the NHS by allowing the site to be used as one of the largest sites for Covid testing and inoculation in Wales.

With its servicing of satellite units and the drive through facility which occupies most of the show site including the exhibition hall, we congratulate the NHS in the work done at the show.

Approaching half a million people have been passed through and been treated, many without leaving their car.  This is likely to continue until at least March 2022.

Said the Society Chairman, – Mr Lyn Davies,

“The trustees and myself are very proud of the support the Society has provided to the NHS and the success of the Show ground in helping to fight the pandemic.  However, I apologise to all our many visitors and charitable and business promoter who regularly use the site for the disruption that has been caused.  We all hope things will return to normal as soon as possible in 2022, when we will welcome back old friends as well as promoting planned, new events.”